Founded in 1994 by Michael Di Maio, in what began with a solid background in design and construction management, has grown into a firm that has evolved into a highly diverse and efficient office that focuses on Commercial and Institutional Buildings. The firm has completed several new and renovations projects over the years in practice. Our efficiency produces the work of firms three to four times our size.

DMDAi has always brought value and trust to our clients and users. Our commitment continues in that we transform client’s needs and expectations into distinctive architecture that is a pleasure to experience and operates effectively in achieving their goals.

Our firm’s track record has helped establish trusting relationships with our clients. We continue to practice standards that encourage revitalizing buildings and structures through innovative planning and design, and high quality construction. We have always helped to identify problems and feasible solutions. We have always teamed with people who can keep the ideas rolling. Bringing in as many people as necessary and as early as possible has always helped unveil and test our ideas. We assemble in Project Groups with focus on problem solving based on our client’s needs.

Our portfolio is diverse and consists of New Building Typologies, Master Planning and Programming, Urban Design, Renovations, Interior Architecture and Spatial Planning. Each type of structure and building typology has required our expertise in numerous areas of the Architectural Practice.

Di Maio Design Associates Architect Inc.